Half Day Walking Tour Exclusive

A delightful short walk in Roman squares away from the crowds, aimed to discover hidden masterpieces by Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Borromini, Raphael…
If you were thinking you could appreciate Michelangelo and the great art masters only in the Vatican, then let this exclusive tour prove you wrong!  Michelangelo and the others left so many masterpieces in tiny palaces, secluded churches, huge squares… and in this tour you will discover them all!
Let your guide take you to the Galleria Spada where you will see the the worldwide famous Galleria Prospettica built by the architect Borromini in the XVII Century.This corridor looks wide and long but you will see it is just an optic illusion.  Walking a little further, you’ll enter the gothic church Santa Maria sopra la Minerva, where you’ll see the unparalleled “Standing Christ” by Michelangelo.. nearby Piazza Navona, some breathtaking paintings by Caravaggio will change your perception of light and darkness and finally you’ll experience authentic art pieces by Raphael, located in the Chigi headquarter church.  Amaze your friends and family by walking off the beaten track, away from the crowds, experience Rome at its best in front of masterpieces with the heart of town as background! 

*The entrance to the Churches requires appropriate clothing: shorts, miniskirts and uncovered shoulders are not allowed

– Visit the Galleria Spada
– Visit the gothic church Santa Maria sopra la Minerva
– Experience Rome at its best in front of masterpieces with the heart of town as background
– See the best of Rome in a small group max 12 people

all season
Duration: 3 hours
Tour starts: 2.30 pm (pick up from 30/45min. before)
Departure days: daily except Monday, religious holidays

– Entrance tickets to the museum
– 3 hours Professional Guide
– Pick-up and drop off at hotel (inside the city center)

Not included:

– gratuities.

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